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Shipping and refund policies

Please contact us if you have any problems, claims or comments in regards of your order, shipment or on the cigars, for any reasons will accept a chargeback, please call us to our skype number 4074139266 or contact us via our e.mail

We ship worldwide, humidors, our own cigar brand and Cuban cigars As an internet based business, we ship Cuban cigars anywhere in the world. Deliveries are guaranteed to any location worldwide, provided it is in compliance with the laws that govern your country. Should a breach
of these regulations occur, the delivery will be at the risk of the purchaser, and no refund or replacement order will be issued. trust in all the information provided by the clients, if a shipment cant be complete for missing information or customs problems wont refund or chargeback any amount, if a package has to be re-ship the client will be assuming the cost in a 100%...
If you are not satisfied with the product you have to provide all the necessary information, will provide you with an address where you need to sent the cigars back and those have to be receive in perfect conditions.

Refunds will be make if the client is not satisfied and had all the correct communication with, we guranteed 100% satisfaction. All the shipments can take between 4 to 22business days and we ask you to be patient, the quoted times are not written in stone and can change due to circumstances out of our control
For any questions or comments feel free to contact us 4074139266,


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