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 Hoyo de Monterrey Piramides Limitada 2003
This size evidences all the soft and complex essence that characterizes the brand, this time in the ..
Ex Tax: $205.00
Bolivar Belicosos finos
The Bolivar Belicoso has an exquisite final. The full earthiness is combined with unsettled Cuban ce..
Ex Tax: $169.00
Bolivar Coronas Gigantes
Boasting a balanced mixture of medium-strong, earthy spices, this Churchill's harmonious draw mainta..
Ex Tax: $205.00
Bolivar Petit Coronas
Petit Coronas are full bodied Cigars, featuring a creamy smoke, with wooden and a dry taste. For tho..
Ex Tax: $155.00
Cohiba Corona Especial
Ring gauge: 38 Length: 15.20 CM / 5.9 INCHES Taste: Earthy ..
Ex Tax: $205.00
Cohiba Esplendidos
Take a long match made of cedar, since their elegance brings a certain solemnity to the oc..
Ex Tax: $295.00
Cohiba Exquisitos
Ring Gauge : 35 Cigar Length : 125mm Body : Medium to full Taste :  Spicy Units : 2..
Ex Tax: $180.00
Cohiba Lancero
Ring Gauge : 38 Cigar Length :  193mm Body : Medium to Full Taste :  Spicy Uni..
Ex Tax: $289.00
Cohiba Maduro Genios 5
Strength:100 Taste:95.5 Aroma:100 Ring Gauge:52 Cigar Length:140 mm / 5.5 inch..
Ex Tax: $289.00
Cohiba Maduro Magicos 5
Strength:100 Taste:85.5 Aroma:90 Ring Gauge:52 Cigar Length:115 mm / 4.5 inche..
Ex Tax: $275.00
Cohiba Paneletas
Ring Gauge : 26 Cigar Length :  115mm Body :  Medium to Full Taste : Spicy Thi..
Ex Tax: $180.00
Cohiba Piramides Extra
The Piramides Extra are made with some medio tiempo tobacco, which grows at the top of some, but not..
Ex Tax: $289.00
Cohiba Robustos
Ring Gauge : 52 Cigar Length :  124mm Body :  full Units :  25   ..
Ex Tax: $165.00
Cohiba Seleccion Reserva
The cigars contained in this Selección Reserva are made from the finest tobacco in the Vue..
Ex Tax: $715.00
Cohiba Siglo I
This Très Petit Coronas is in tune with the today’s smokers requirements. Exceptional cons..
Ex Tax: $159.00
Cohiba Siglo II
Ring Gauge :  42 Cigar Length :  129mm Body :  Medium Taste : Spicy Units..
Ex Tax: $145.00
Cohiba Siglo III
Ring gauge: 42 Length: 15.50 CM / 6.0 INCHES Taste: Spicy ..
Ex Tax: $159.00
Cohiba Siglo IV
Ring Gauge :  47 Cigar Length :  143mm Body : Medium Taste : Spicy U..
Ex Tax: $189.00
Cohiba Siglo V
The only Cuban Lonsdale available in a Cabinet of 25. A sophisticated start of heavy flora..
Ex Tax: $210.00
Cohiba Siglo VI
Cohiba siglo VI is one of the best cuban cigars ever rolled in Cuba. Probably, the Cohiba Esplendido..
Ex Tax: $299.00
Cuaba Piramides Limitada 2008
Introduced with a magnificent dark brown wrapper and aged for two years, the Cuaba Piramides benefic..
Ex Tax: $180.00
Cuaba Salomones
Another big full strength cigar in the Cuaba line. Complex and flavourful and will not let you down...
Ex Tax: $160.00
Diplomaticos No. 1
The production is not so large, therefore the original quality of this vitola is maintained. Ideal f..
Ex Tax: $175.00
Diplomaticos No. 2
A Pirámides to challenge even the well seasoned palate. Although considered to be a milder sibling t..
Ex Tax: $175.00
Diplomaticos No. 4
This is a great Petit Corona to compliment strong liquors such as Cognac or Whiskey. On its own the ..
Ex Tax: $176.00
Diplomaticos No. 5
This little Diplomáticos is as compact and robust as a welterweight boxer. At CigarOne we advise our..
Ex Tax: $179.00
Fonseca Cosacos
This is the top selling Fonseca and one of the lightest Corona cigars, that's why it's often recomme..
Ex Tax: $165.00
Fonseca No.1
This Cazador is of good value and very accessible to the novice smoker. Hints of nutmeg and wo..
Ex Tax: $0.00
H upmann Magnum 46
I think the H. Upmann Magnum 46 cigars limited availability makes it a very desired smoke among afic..
Ex Tax: $159.00
H upmann Magnum Monarcas
Insisive and brawny, the H. Upmann Monarcas Churhill Cuban Cigars are made with ultra first class to..
Ex Tax: $190.00
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